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We are a small computer services company located in Barnegat, NJ that specializes in "well computer" services. We offer services to enhance or compliment the way you are currently using your home pc. If you live in the Barnegat area and would like further information about our services, click the Our Services tab above or click HERE.



We also specialize in online learning. We offer free tutorials on Windows, Android, and other tech related subjects. These can be viewed in the Tutorials section of this site or by visiting our YouTube channel. Visit our Youtube channel for PC related tech tutorials. Once there subscribe to the channel to be alerted of new video tutorials.

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 We also offer online learning classes through the company Udemy. They are an online platform featuring thousands of courses on hundreds of subjects. For more information on Udemy and the classes we offer and to join the over 1000 students who have already signed up click HERE.



 Android Apps

We also have several Android apps on the Google Play Store.

The first one is called Support Caller 2.

Have you ever gone online to find the customer support phone number for a company. It can be very frustrating since a lot of companies want to handle customer support through their website and various FAQ's. It can take a lot of your time searching before you eventually find a number to call, if your lucky to find it at all.

That is where our Android Application, Support Caller 2 comes in. It provides a simple to use application on your phone that will provide you with the customer support number of over 60 major companies and actually dial the number for you. Think of it like keeping a screwdriver in a toolbox at your home. It isn't something that you need or use everyday, but it comes in real handy when you have a need for it.

More numbers are added on a regular basis.

Link to the App on the Google Play Store: Support Caller 2


Our second app is called Reaction Time. Reaction Time is a simple app that tests your reaction time, like many others in the Google Play store.


The main difference in this app is that it is simple to use and also tests your reaction time in a slightly better manner than most of the other apps.


When you start the app, you are presented with a blue circle that says "Ready". You press and hold the blue circle and release it when it turns green and says "Go:. It's that easy.


The app will keep track of your two fastest times and alerts you when you get a new quickest time. It will also show you your average time after each run. If you want to reset the time, just hit the back button and the next time you run the app the average time will be reset.

Link to the app in the Google Play app store Reaction Time


Our 3rd app is called Mobile Data Toggle.

If you have a smartphone that either never had a toggle switch to enable/disable the mobile data or it was removed in an update then this is the app for you.

 This is a simple app that creates a permanent notification that allows you to toggle you mobile data on and off.

Instead of having to go several levels deep into the settings to accomplish this, you can simply pull down the notifications panel and click, it's that easy.

This version of the app is the full version. It is fully functional all 7 days of the week.

 I would suggest installing the free version first to make sure it is compatible with your phone.

Link to the App on the Google Play Store: Mobile Data Toggle

There is also a paid version called Mobile Data Toggle Pro.

This app is a fully functional version of the Free version. It costs $0.99.

Link to the App on the Google Play Store:  Mobile Data Toggle Pro


This app has been tested with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5.





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